Our Story

Thank you for visiting our shop! We are just a family full of passion when it comes to fashion! We are family owned and operated and love every second of what we do.

We got into the boutique business a few years ago through a MLM company and fell in love with helping women of all shapes and sizes feel beautiful about themselves. It was so rewarding to help someone pick out an outfit and see their faces light up when they looked in the mirror. We loved it so much we decided to branch off and become our own identity!!

A little bit about ourselves…. My husband, Edward, is currently serving the the Air Force and slowly creeping toward his retirement. He is my biggest supporter and always going along with my crazy ideas. There would be no Just MEE Apparel without him. My daughter and puppy are my wonderful assistants. These two really test my multi taking abilities, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world! Lastly, a little about myself (Michelle). I have two passions in life. Selling clothes and breastfeeding. I love what I do. It’s so rewarding to help women feel empowered and feel beautiful. I am going to be apart of the Tampa Bay Breastfeeding Task Force and I am so excited to be able to help and support women in that journey as well.

When you buy from Just MEE Apparel this is who you are supporting….A small military family with big dreams.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us! We have the two best assistants and they will make sure to let us know so we can get back to you in a timely manner.

Our Team

Michelle Osei

Edward Osafo-Osei



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